Weight Loss Programs

New Directions Program

Our medical weight loss program is a nonsurgical option designed to restore your health and keep weight off for the long haul. You’ll meet in confidence with our medical director, Dr. Lorina Poe, who will complete a full evaluation, including a physical exam, laboratory bloodwork, EKG, body composition analysis, and resting metabolic rate analysis. We will then use this information to develop an individual health plan customized to meet you personal weight loss and fitness goals, working with your primary care physician, and other medical specialists as necessary to ensure continuity of care.

The program duration is determined by weight loss goals and includes weekly weigh-ins, nutritional education, and other accountability measures to prevent regain. Weight loss medications may also be prescribed.

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Personalized Nutrition Plan $89

  • Includes nutritional assessment, body composition, meal plan
  • Physicians developed nutritional plans will guide your body to optimal performance and are based on your food preferences and goals

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