1. Screening Visit: Includes: history and physical exam with physician, body composition scan, medical and psychological screening assessments, laboratory testing, EKG, treatment  plan recommendations, metabolism analysis.
  2. Reducing Phase(for 16 weeks, average):, In addition, Meal replacements are $4/ meal. Price includes weekly nurse visits, Blood pressure and weight, EKG for every 50 pounds lost, monthly lab tests, nutrition education.
  3. Adapting Phase(5 weeks): Grocery store foods are introduced during this phase. It begins once goal weight is achieved. Price includes weekly weight, blood pressure and nutrition education, one physician visit, one lab draw.
  4. Sustaining phase(6-12 months): This phase is strongly encouraged and is home of the S.T.A.R. (steps to avoid regain) 12 week program. Includes weight and blood pressure
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  • Pricing is dependent on the amount of weight loss recommended.
  • Services may reimbursable by insurance