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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to aid in muscle recovery, mood and sleep disorder symptoms, injury healing and joint pain. Each cryotherapy chamber session is only three minutes long and can potentially burn up to 800 calories. It does not cure any disease but has been beneficial in some individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.



  • Relieves pain, inflammation, swelling and muscle spasticity.*
  • Improves muscle fatigue and soreness.*
  • Boosts cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine to help body fight pain, fatigue and hunger.*
  • Increases metabolism and immune response*

*The FDA has not approved cryotherapy to treat or cure any illness.

What to Expect

The body undergoes three phases during the three-minute exposure to cryotherapy’s subzero temperatures:

  • Phase 1: Remove
    • Blood vessels on the skin’s surface and muscles constrict, forcing blood away from the peripheral tissues towards the core, where the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory components from the blood.
  • Phase 2: Restore:
    • Once out of the chamber, blood flows back to the peripheral tissues now enriched with oxygen and nutrients. The blood naturally warms the muscle tissue and skin increasing range of motion.
  • Phase 3: Recovery
    • Over the next 48 hours, the body is restored to a better condition. Clients report better sleep, increased energy levels, and shorter recovery times for injury or workouts.

Keep in mind regular sessions will be necessary for skin tightening, weight loss and cellulite reduction, and daily sessions are allowed based on patient needs.

HSA (Health Savings Account) funds accepted.

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