Dr. Lorina Poe has now expanded her services to Include concierge medicine

Imagine having exclusive access to one of the best wellness doctors in the field of family medicine. Dr. Lorina Poe, Medical Director at Cryo and Contour has now included concierge medicine to fulfill the need for direct access to virtual healthcare nationwide.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic prompted the United States government to remove mandates restricting physicians ability to see patients outside of their licensed states to practice medicine. This proactive approach to servicing the public has now lead Dr. Poe to treat patients throughout the United States virtually.

By simply sending an email, patience can now make an appointment remotely for a virtual visit with Dr. Poe to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, infections etc.

Dr. Poe’s vision is to increase trust among patients and physicians by using researched based medical practice and extending services to people with limited access.

With your first visit starting at just $40 virtually anyone can gain access to premium healthcare remotely.

To schedule your virtual visit with Dr. Poe, email her at info@cryoandcontour.com or call 615-819-2201.

Virtual Access to Premium Healthcare without Insurance Limitations